Plastics processing, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia


To ensure that high degrees of contamination are filtered from the plastic melt in an economic and efficient manner, BritAS automatic band melt filters work with a special technological concept.
Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary, Plastics processing

Coperion GmbH

Worldwide market and technology leader of compounding systems, bulk materials handling systems and components. Individual and turnkey solutions for the plastics processing, chemical and food industry.
Bulgaria, Textile industry, Non-Woven, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary


International specialist for nonwovens machinery including opening, blending, carding, crosslapping and needling. All its textile machinery and complete nonwoven lines are renowned worldwide for highest productivity, reliability and production efficiency.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

FAS Converting Machinery

Worldwide manufacturer of machines for converting plastic film into bags on roll: Wave–top bags, T-shirt bags, Draw-tape bags, Stanford bags,.Drop cloth, Garbage bags, Winding units for the industry.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Romania, Hungary


Manufacturer of size reduction equipment for the plastics industry. Reliable supplier of granulators, shredders and pulverisers, machines and systems for the recycling of soft and semi-rigid materials, especially concerning communal plastic waste.
Romania, Textile industry, Knitwear, Hungary, Bulgaria


World’s leading manufacturer of braiding machines and winding equipment: packing braiding machines, rope braiding machines, wire braiding machines and special machines.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia


Designing and building extrusion blow molding machines for the automative, technical parts, industrial packaging and consumer packaging sectors.
Hungary, Plant construction, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia


Company specialised for design, engineering and consulting, providing individual and turnkey solutions in the segments of food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and automation technology.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary


Mixing systems form the core of industrial production processes in many branches. Serves companies of the plastics processing, chemical, paint and building materials industry throughout the world.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Romania, Hungary


Well known as a market-oriented technology company in the area of reprocessing thermoplastic production wastes. Converts your production scrap into high-quality pellets.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania

OMV Machinery

OMV MACHINERY S.R.L. is the direct heir of OMV Divisione Meccanica, a company founded in 1963 to design and build thermoforming machines. OMV exports its machines since the early 70's. The company stands for refined technique, outstanding quality and ability to provide custom-made solutions.
Romania, Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Czech Republic/Slovakia


A member of the Reifenhäuser Group of companies specialized in the purchase and sale of pre-owned plastics processing machinery. The machinery is mainly of Reifenhäuser origin, predominantly for blown film, cast film, sheet and thermoforming processing.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Czech Republic/Slovakia


For more than five decades, Reifenhäuser has been consistently fulfilling the task of manufacturing machines for plastics processing.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

Rossi (Tessitura Tele Metalliche di Rossi Oliviero)

Producer of nets, wire mesh and electro-welded mesh in different sectors, such as: industrial filters, oil & gas, automotive, protections, housewares, hardware.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

SIMA Extrusion Technologies

Широката продуктова гама на SIMA се простира от оборудване за опаковъчната индустрия като колан, прежда, моно -или мултифиламенти, за текстилната промишленост, като например моно-или мултифиламенти или ленти и за производството на изкуствена трева - монофиламенти или фибрилизирани ленти.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

TOMRA Systems GmbH

As a technology leader, TOMRA Sorting Solutions continues to be pioneer in sensor-based sorting in the waste and metal recycling industries by using established and renowned industry expertise to provide state-of-the-art machines and exceptional service throughout the entire process.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Hungary


Development and building of extrusion plants, in particular for profiles and pipes: gearboxes, especially for extrusion to transmit high torques, production of screws and cylinders.